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Practice Areas


For 15 years working with excellence

VRA practices the most important areas of business law, in the consultancy and prevention spheres, being active in litigation, as well as in business structuring and planning. Considering our respective expertise the firm is divided into the following areas:

In the sphere of Civil Law, Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados acts in several areas that include Civil Law, Civil Litigation, and Consumer Law. We favor an integrated action between the consulting and litigation centers, with the objective of setting up strategies to enable the implementation of the plans drawn up by the client and, ultimately, preventing the occurrence of impasses and litigation.

We offer legal advice services ranging from the clarification of daily questions to the structuring of complex operations, through legal opinions, negotiation, and drafting of documents in general.

Our Civil Litigation area has highly qualified professionals able to defend our clients’ interests in the administrative, judicial, or extrajudicial scope, with a high success rate before Public Institutions and Courts.

Among the activities of the Litigation Area, we can highlight cases of civil, contractual, and extra contractual liability; consumer rights in general; real estate law; credit recovery; succession law; and corporate litigation.


Alexandre Ghazi

Vinhas and Redenschi Advogados advises families and family business groups in the processes of succession planning, and asset structuring.

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Convention defines Intellectual Property as the sum of  rights relating to literary, artistic and scientific works, performing artists and their performances, phonograms and broadcasting, inventions in all fields of human activity, scientific discoveries, industrial designs, industrial, commercial and service marks, as well as commercial firms and trade names, protection against unfair competition and all other rights inherent to the intellectual activity  in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields.

In Brazil, Intellectual Property is, in a broad sense, a constitutional precept, which is included in the Fundamental Rights and Guarantees.

We understand that a country that promotes the development of the individual’s intellectual capacity, linked to the possibility of protecting this creation, obtains a level of innovation and technological qualification that is decisive for developing both socially and economically, in a sustainable way.

  • Consultations, opinions and studies in the field of copyright, personality rights and intellectual property rights;
  • Licensing and assignment of audiovisual works, production and co-production, promotion, sponsorship, assignment of image and recruitment of artists;
  • Regulation of online and offline games;
  • Social media and streaming related contracts;
  • Consultancy regarding the regulation of audiovisual content and digital media such as OTT;
  • Requests for registration of trademarks before the INPI and property rights over domain names and sites;
  • Transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures with significant IP assets;
  • Due diligence involving intellectual property assets;
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Protection and registration of intellectual property assets, including trademarks, domain names and software;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation in intellectual property;
  • Sponsorship contracts and regulations;
  • Advising on publicity, including administrative proceedings before the National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising (Conar);
  • Technology transfer contracts, intellectual property assignment, technical services, R&D, partnerships and distribution agreements;
  • Sponsorship contracts and regulations.

VRA has solid training and experience in Administrative, Regulatory and Financial Law, with broad knowledge of the legal and economic issues related to the oil and gas and infrastructure sectors, such as sanitation, transportation and electricity. Likewise, the firm advises on privatization processes in partnership with an important institution dedicated to economic studies and the improvement of public management.

Our lawyers have been strongly involved in bidding processes, advising clients from the analysis of the call for proposals to the presentation of the offer and its approval. Subsequent to the bidding process, the office advises concessionaires on the interpretation and execution of the concession contracts. Likewise, the firm advises its clients on the negotiation and drafting of contracts of a private nature, typical of regulated activities.

VRA represents clients in administrative litigation related to infringements issued by different public administration bodies. We also act in the interpretation of regulations and standards issued by regulatory agencies and other public administration bodies.


Fabricio Dantas Leite

Guilherme Barbosa Vinhas

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados has extensive experience in the incorporation and restructuring of companies, groups of companies, and entities in the Service Sector. We operate in mergers and acquisitions, incorporations, spin-offs and liquidations of companies, cooperation agreements, consortia and joint ventures, planning and implementation of societary restructuring; as well as performing due diligences, negotiating and drawing up shareholders’ agreements, contracts and other legal documents.

We act as consultants on societary and contractual matters, identifying and proposing solutions to existing legal problems, always researching applicable legislative changes, as well as monitoring the business life of our clients, assisting in the fulfillment of their periodic obligations, attending and coordinating meetings and assemblies, drafting and reviewing contracts, and preparing the documentation necessary to conduct company business.

We also have extensive experience advising foreign investors in the structuring of their businesses in Brazil, providing the necessary support and security for the full development of their activities in the country.


Leonardo Lobo de Almeida

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados serves several financial institutions, asset management companies, fund managers, family offices, investment funds, factoring companies, securitizers and others, both national and foreign, providing legal advice related to the standards issued and applied by CMN, CVM, the Central Bank of Brazil, B3, and other regulatory bodies and market entities, also participating in the modeling and structuring of complex financial transactions.

We have extensive experience in representing our clients in administrative proceedings before the Board of Appeals of the National Financial System (CRSFN), the CVM, and the Central Bank of Brazil, as well as in lawsuits related to matters regulated by these bodies.

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados advises its clients in the setting of real estate operations, such as acquisition and sale of assets, construction, incorporation, demobilization, build to suit, sale and lease back (SLB) and others, through the elaboration or analysis of the appropriate legal instruments. We conduct due diligences and tax planning in operations related to this segment, always seeking greater security and efficiency for our clients.

We also participate in the development of financing structures, involving securitization, debentures and investment funds, as well as the issuance of CRIs, CCIs and other securities backed by or involving real estate assets.

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados practises in individual and collective labor cases, in the judicial, administrative and consulting areas, before the Labor Court, Public Labor Ministry, Trade Unions, Regional Labor Office, and other bodies dealing with the matter.

We carry out preventive studies involving speeches in companies, analysis of the company labor routines, and verification of labor standards and normative clauses to be observed according to the company’s economic activity, in order to avoid problems and risks arising from possible noncompliance with legislation.

Following the current trend in the market, our Labor area offers a service entitled labor compliance for immediate application in companies with excellence in management.

The outcome of preventive, advisory and litigation work is a significant decrease in the volume of labor claims and administrative fines, resulting in resource savings in the medium and long term.

Our labor team is structured to meet mainly employers’ interests, comprising a group of specialized attorneys with extensive experience in the sector.


Jorge Miguel Mansur

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados provides consulting and tax litigation services, as well as advising companies in the reorganization of their tax departments and in the fulfillment of the main and accessory obligations (compliance). To render such service, we rely on highly specialized professionals with vast experience in the area.

From a preventive perspective, we seek to minimize our clients’ exposure to tax assessments, keeping a transparent relationship that encourages client companies to adopt a posture of compliance with legal requirements and respect for public institutions.

In tax litigation, in addition to acting in the state, federal, and higher courts, we represent our clients before the collegiate administrative bodies, such as Taxpayers’ Councils, Tax Tribunal, among others.

Regarding new investments implementation, always based on the current legislation and regulations, we advise and assist companies and representative entities that allow their activities to be developed in a competitiveness fostering environment.

In order to act in international transactions, our professionals have a full overview of the tax system of other countries, as well as training in customs issues, not only related to tax obligations, but also to import and export matters. Where necessary, we work in partnership with foreign lawyers and consultants, which results in effective advice on societary restructuring operations and international trade transactions – notably with countries belonging to economic blocs such as Mercosur, the European Union and the FTAA.

Ronaldo Redenschi

Julio Salles Costa Janolio

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados is active in Agribusiness Law, a most relevant sector of the Brazilian economy, advising important companies in the most diverse legal aspects that affect production, storage, commercialization, and financing of agribusiness companies, as well as in all legal matters inherent to the sector in the most varied areas of Law, both in consulting and litigation.


Tony Rivera

Vinhas e Redenschi Advogados has a business advisory area dedicated to meeting the demands related to compliance with ancillary obligations, such as certificates, discharge documents, and others.

Managed by lawyers, the area allows our clients to be served faster and more efficiently, optimizing the time spent for incorporating companies, and resolving issues that may hinder the development of business activity.

  • Civil Law
  • Family Office
  • Intellectual Property
  • Regulation and Infrastructure
  • Corporate and Contract Law
  • Financial and Capital Markets
  • Real Estate Law
  • Labor Law
  • Tax Law
  • Telecommunications, Media and Technology
  • Agribusiness
  • Business Advisory

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